That is precisely what we deliver.

We design unique solutions to help our clients:

  • Lose weight

  • Gain muscle

  • Resolve nagging issues that impede your comfort, mobility, or performance

  • Maintain or begin a healthy lifestyle

  • Improve athletic performance

  • Improve flexibility and mobility

  • Reduce stress and feel more centered

  • Improve blood glucose levels, cholesterol, and  blood pressure

Above all else, we consider the needs, goals, abilities, and preferences of our clients.

This informs every aspect of our process to fortify the body and nourish the mind.

Here's how we do it -


Getting to Know You

First, we gather information to develop a picture of the current condition of your body and how you intend to use it. Prior to your complimentary introductory session, you will receive a questionnaire (Personal Operating System) to collect some of this information. This introduces us to who you are and what you want. To prepare for your first session, we will thoroughly review your POS. 

Personal Operating System (POS)

This document collects information about your health history, interests, activities that you enjoy, and even things that you do not like. It clarifies your vision of optimal physical and mental health, short and long term fitness/wellness goals, etc. The POS is online, secure, and adaptive so you won't be answering questions that do not pertain to your situation. This is the first step to gathering the data needed to create an effective plan for you.


Your First Session

Based on the information that you share on your questionnaire and in our meeting, a control and mobility assessment is designed for you. We will also address questions you may have about what and how much you eat. Then we will consider goals that you have relative to your state of mind: stress reduction, concentration, memory, etc. Now we have the information needed to begin your Neuro-Logic Training (N-LT) progression.

Customized Assessment

Based on your needs and goals, we customize our assessment to gather information that guides how we design your exercises. We select from a variety of measures (how far your joints move, the strength or endurance of muscle groups, electromyography, mental stress levels) to evaluate the current state of your neuromusculoskeletal system.

Fat and muscle are organs, and it's not just about calories

The fat and muscle in your body serve critical roles in your health and longevity. Under the right conditions (what and how much you eat, and the intensity of exercise), fat and muscle produce hormones that favorably change the structure of your brain, your behavior, and ultimately your body composition. Figuring out the right balance of foods and supplements that best serve you can be daunting. We will help you make nutritional choices that work for you by offering credible resources and strategies for monitoring your progress.

Neuro-Logic Training Part 1

Neuro-Logic Training is MyoTopia's assessment and exercise progression that helps you develop the strength, flexibility, and control to be, feel, and perform at your best. Using the information gathered in your assessment, you will be guided through a preliminary series of movements and exercises that have been created for you. You will also be familiarized with the McMillin Perceived Effort Scale - our way of making sure that you are working just hard enough, but not too hard (unless, of course, that's what you need to do!). 


The (Your Name Here) Workout

Now that we know you a little bit better and have seen you in action, we compose a report to help you understand the current state of your physiology and lay out your Neuro-Logic Training (N-LT) progression  to improve what needs work and maintain what is in perfect order. After you review the plan, your next steps are to ask any questions that you may have, and then book your series of N-LT sessions. In each session, we guide you through your N-LT progression and continue to monitor your progress. 

It's not just exercise, it's N-LT tailored for your needs, abilities, preferences, and goals. It's a workout with your name on it.

Neuro-Logic Training Part 2

Each exercise in your N-LT progression is designed specifically for you. You will have us right at you side, guiding and encouraging you. We have a range of equipment for you to work with - everything from free weights, elastic tubing, machines, body weight, etc. If you are interested, we will explain each feature of your individualized exercise program. Your N-LT session will be fun and invigorating, lasting no more than one hour. The frequency of your sessions will depend on what you need and how much time you are willing to commit. 

Mindful Motion

Just as the body needs specific stimulation to maintain health, the mind needs it, too. Neuroscientists have shown that specific exercise conditions prime the brain for structural change, creating the opportunity for changes in your behavior, attitudes, and cognitive strategies. N-LT creates exercises designed to foster conditions that lead to neuroplasticity: truly a mind altering experience.


Achieving your goals is paramount. By measuring specific variables (weight, strength, range of motion, energy levels, mental acuity, etc.) we can monitor your progress and make changes to your program as they are indicated. Since we use a variety of measures to monitor your progress, we will be sure to provide you with the data that is most important to you. 

Are you ready to get started?